About DJ Jermaine

DJ Jermaine is a gifted musical master who harnesses sound to drive the heartbeat of social events that result in a unique and memorable experience for attendees.  Affectionately known as “The Gentleman” because of his humble and chivalrous demeanor, DJ Jermaine has delivered the gift of music for over two decades to everyone from Michael Jordan to Microsoft and from California to the nation’s capital and abroad.

1 thought on “About DJ Jermaine”

  1. DJ Jermaine is Absolutely The GREATEST DJ Period…. I’m not just saying this because of our Party/Event history together, but after being forced to deal with other up and coming DJ’s, as well as other DJ’s that have already made a name for themselves; no one even comes close to the PROFESSIONALISM that you represent as well as you gracious, humbling demeanor. You are truly a BEAST on the tables bro. Keep being YOU!!! Much Luv

    -Rodeo Entertainment-

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